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Is the future of food supplements as bright as expected?

With the passing of the years and the advance of science, life expectancy has been lengthening until it reaches even 100 years at the same time that cases of obesity and deaths from cardiovascular diseases are triggered. We all want to become elderly with great vitality, to be able to maintain our autonomy and energy, in addition to sporting a fit and young body throughout life. Therefore, it is not surprising that the general dynamics of the population is to adopt a healthier diet, try to play sports and try to sleep at the recommended times. In general, we try to do well the duties of a healthy life.

But sometimes we need extra help. The food supplements sector has benefited greatly from this new healthy life movement. Since the twentieth century there has been a breakthrough in matters of legislation and safety, increasing consumer confidence in these types of products, which undoubtedly helped its expansion. International Alliance Dietary / Food Supplement Associations recorded the growth of the food supplements sector from 1999 to the present day, observing that currently this sector enters around 127.8 million euros, with Europe being responsible for 14% of annual revenues. The US stands out in both consumption and manufacturing of food supplements, although in recent years, Asia and Africa have experienced remarkable growth in this industry. On the other hand, a study conducted by Food Supplements Europe showed us how part of the population is unable to reach the recommended daily doses of vitamins and minerals, making the use of food supplements a good aid in the prevention of pathologies derived from micronutrient insufficiency


The future is bright for this sector. The new trends point to greater consumption and manufacture of food supplements, giving special importance to their natural origin and with the increasing use of macroalgae. In addition, a new trend called personalized nutrition that is based on studying the physiological and molecular characteristics of the person to recommend the dietary supplement that supposes the greatest benefits for their health is beginning.

Who would not want to have extra energy and well-being in pocket format? This is what the food supplements industry achieves, concentrated doses of micronutrients, vitality doses that complement a balanced diet.

In the coming years we will see how sales and research continue to increase in this field, all for improving people’s health and quality of life.

The future could not be brighter.


The evolution of the food supplements industry. From the 90s to the present day. IADSA September 2018.
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