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On February 18th, the Best Medical Diet team traveled to Madrid attended the 17th AECOC FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY CONGRESS, organized by AECOC (Association of Manufacturers and Distributors).

The food model we are accustomed to finds itself in an evident process of transformation, trying to offering answers to the challenges we face today. In this context, food security is presented as a key point when designing the most cutting-edge strategies, guaranteeing not only the maintenance of current standards, but also improving those aspects that require it. The assurance and safety of food products in the short and long term has been, is and will be of vital significance in the protection of consumers, as well as in the confidence in the food products offered.

The arrival of new technologies must be integrated and linked to the transparency, cooperation and coordination of the different agents involved. Thus, the Industry will be able to move forward and blend the balanced and safe transformation alongside the rest of the objectives.

Professionals with national and international expertise have gathered in the congress and addressed topics such as: “News in surveillance plans and alert management in Spain”, “Food and consumer communication”, “Reduction of plastics, food security and loss prevention”, “Innovation at the service of food security”.

In Best Medical Diet we strive to offer the highest product safety and quality. Keeping ourselves briefed on the news of the sector and updating our food model allow us to be at the forefront of the sector and present our customers the best possible experience through our products and services.


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